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Hi i'm Shaleila, I like languages and singing and I say 'like' in like every sentence and ben c is my ∞
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You have been known to do other works involving your entire body and the acting. You enjoy the animation?


we are terrible people


Every time I write an essay… by Thomas Sanders



Anonymous asked:
do u have a favorite ezra koenig tweet?! lol


this is rly important to me


you were named after the bravest man I ever knew, xkit guy potter-

"Ok so our ideal Vampire Weekend. We get a black convertible. um, cruise down Melrose, and pick up two or three goth chicks. Then you got the goth chicks in the car, and you drive out to a goth club. And you hang out at the goth club and you drink mojitos, and bloody marys, and beer. And then after that you get a designated driver to drive you and the goth chicks to the beach and it’s still night time at that point. You have a bonfire, and you hang out, and you sing songs. Next morning get breakfast, sleep in, do it all again Saturday night. Sunday, take it a little easier. With the goth chicks. Sunday take it easy with the goth chicks maybe lay off the booze cause you’re a little hung over, and buy cherry cokes for everybody. And then you drink cherry cokes with the goth chicks, drop them off at their mom’s house, return the car, and guess what it’s Monday time for work but uh. You had a great weekend, you don’t have the Monday blues, you had a Vampire Weekend, ok?"

—Ezra Koenig (via harry2016)
"I went to Columbia University because I knew I wanted to go to a school that was academically rigorous. I prided myself on getting good grades but I also hated it. I used to wonder why I was busting my ass at calculus when I was interested in the arts, but I felt that there was a relationship between working hard at school and taking your dreams seriously. I still think that if you’re excited about something, you have to work at it."

—Ezra Koenig  (via wasarahbi)


Meet Tavi Gevinson. READ.